Café De Naranjo - Medium Roast

We are pleased to announce the return of one of our favorite Costa Rican coffees from Naranjo. Coope Naranjo is one of our best known coops who have won many awards for the excellent coffees.. We are roasting this coffee medium roast, to develop the cup which has a Chocolate Sweetness, Mixed Berries, with  Mild Acidity

Size: 1lb 454gr


Costa Rican Tarrazu Medium Roast

Coope Tarrazu  is our Favorite Coop in the Tarrazu region producing a world famous Costa Rican cup of  full body and lively acidity, fruited with notes of nuts, cocoa and caramel.

Size: 1lb 454gr


El Salvador - Finca El Carmen

Finca El Carmen Estate is located at 1,300m above sea level in El Salvador’s Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, one of Central America’s prime specialty coffee producing areas. This 100% Red Bourbon coffee is medium roasted for a clean subtle sweetness, buttery and rounded mouth feel.

Size: 1lb - 454gr


Café Espresso Blend

Blended for espresso and drip coffee. This medium roast coffee has velvety mouthfeel, good body. Uncanny high notes of fruity sweetness on top of dry-chocolaty-like flavor base. Excellent for automatic espresso makers.

Size: 1lb 454gr


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