5lbs Costa Rica Whole Bean Tarrazu Coffee

osta Rica's premier Coffee Region San Marcos de Tarrazú  known as Los Santos, the area is renowned for producing award-winning coffee thanks to its mineral-rich soil and ideal climate. Our light roast has full body and bright acidity, fruited and floral with juicy citrus notes. This coffee is available in a variety of roasts.

Size: 5lbs Whole Bean


5lbs Whole Bean Flavored Costa Rica Coffee

Enjoy the taste of traditional and holiday flavored coffees. Carefully roasted for a delicate and balanced cup. Treat yourself and your guests to superior flavored coffee.

Size: 5lbs


5lbs - Decaf Whole Bean Costa Rica Coffee

Enjoy the taste of Costa Rican coffee without the caffeine. Our Water Processed Decaffeinated Coffee is carefully roasted for that rich bold cup.

Size: 5lbs


5lbs - Whole Bean Café Espresso Blend

Not to be confused with our espresso roast. This coffee is a special coffeehouse espresso blend. With a Northern Italian style roast this coffee is has a velvety mouthfeel, good body. Uncanny high notes of fruity sweetness on top of dry-chocolaty-like flavor base.

Size: 5lbs


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